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Why Join NSGNA?

Gerontological Nursing is practiced within acute and long-term care, and in the community, where healthcare, education, or resources are provided to older adults. NSGNA members bring a wealth of valuable skills and experience that shape the progression of excellence within gerontological nursing.
NSGNA promotes, contributes to, and supports the establishment of gerontological nursing standards within Canada. In fact, standards of practice adopted by our Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association (CGNA) members in 1996 provided the basis for professional certification in gerontological nursing available to nurses since 1998

Benefits of Membership

  • Automatic conjoint membership with our national association, CGNA
  • Gerontological nursing continuing education opportunities
  • Direct access to and opportunities to collaborate with gerontological nursing colleagues and experts in Nova Scotia and across Canada
  • Scholarships
  • CNA Certification and Conference Bursaries
  • Regular and timely updates on the latest gerontological nursing issues and events
  • Access to the national peer-reviewed gerontological nursing journal, Perspectives

We invite you to join us today and be a part of NSGNA's ongoing contribution to gerontological nursing excellence in Nova Scotia!

Join NSGNA online now at http://www.cgna.net/NSGNA.html